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The reason why the Legion never brings Batman or Wonder Woman to the future is because their legacies are practically non-existent. This has made Superman depressed on more than one occasion


I bet Wonder Woman is still alive wherever Olympus or Themyscira is in that era.

I don’t recall Gotham ever being mentioned either. Wonder if that means that Batman lost his war at some point and the evil and the madness swept Gotham away.

For the first six months that Dinah knew Hal and Barry she thought they were dating. It’s only when she overheard Hal bemoaning his lack of luck with Carol Ferris that she realized they were just friends.

Tim and Bruce rewatch band of brothers every couple of months, superman occasionally joins them


Dick Grayson wears his sunglasses at night so he can watch you weave then breathe your story lines.

Jason Todd, (much like Barney Stinson) thinks Johnny Lawrence is the hero of Karate Kid

Dick, Jason, Tim and Damien all play Assassins Creed multi-player together

Jason and Damian train together using Dance Dance Revolution on it’s highest settings.


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After watching Avatar the Last Airbender, Damian became very obsessed with the bending styles and after some research, he found that they were based of different styles of martial art. Damian has learned all those martial arts, including Toph’s style which is based of Southern Praying Mantis Style kung-fu.


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Jason Todd cries at the end of the first Karate Kid every single time.


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Writing Prompt!


Today is the birthday of Val Armorr, the original Karate Kid. Send me submissions about characters that know martial arts.

Let’s do more submissions about Val before the day is over. I want to expand it to include martial arts as well as legion of superheroes and non-powered heroes.